I live in the beautiful, culturally rich city of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, I’ve lived in New Mexico for the majority of my life. I am proud to call this place home. I love green chile (red, too), the smell of piñon fires, snow-covered adobe topped with lit farolitos, sunny summer rains, the vast and unique landscape, the ever-changing sky, and the wild, eclectic bunch of people who occupy this amazing state.

I live with my husband, my son, and my endlessly entertaining furry companions. They keep me on my toes, and simultaneously keep me sane. I am most definitely a family girl.

In between loving and caring for my family, my studies, and working my tush off, I dance. I am a professional Salsa dancer and instructor. I have danced since I was 5, but fell immediately in love with the rhythms and movements of Salsa. I have since performed and taught in many different places across the country. Dancing is a very powerful entity in my life and is something I know I will always have. You can often find me shaking a tail feather out on the town.

I also love reading, cooking with my family, sharing stories with friends, and coffee.

Hayley mid-spin at the Mambo Room

Dancing at the Mambo Room, Santa Fe