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Hayley Elizabeth of hayleyhey.com

The best way to tackle your marketing efforts is by creating a strategy that invites your audience to your website. Online impressions are important. Very much like a brick and mortar, once your audience is on your website, you can assume they came to find out more about you. I’m the person who makes sure that your message is seen and heard by your ideal client across platforms (print, radio, web, etc.) and that your message gets traffic to your website and in your doors.

I’m Hayley Horowitz. I have a bachelor of arts in journalism and mass communication with an emphasis in strategic communication. What that means is I have spent a lot of time thinking about, writing, planning and executing strategies to create the best message for businesses like yours. I create strategic plans that incorporate advertising, marketing, public relations and ever-changing social media to appeal to the people who want to buy your product, use your services and love your brand, but don’t know it yet.

Find out what strategy works best for your business. Contact me: solomovement@gmail.com